About Me

Several years ago I had the opportunity to move to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. It was there that I began to pursue my passion to study fiber arts where I have truly found my niche. Having been raised by an amazing "tribe" of women who were, in their own right, masters of design - seamstresses, knitters, lace makers and stitchers, I knew I had to honor their influence in my life. My textiles, whether functional or artistic, always reflect atmospheres, energies and moods teaming with humanness, frivolity and the patina of life. The feel of handmade textiles, the textures, and the colors all inspire my creations as each piece becomes a bridge across time, place, people and cultures.  Each textile begins with a concept that evolves as I progress through my artistic process. As layers are added some details are obscured, some are accentuated, some are embellished and new ones simply appear. The results  are an expression of my unique artistic vision;  like the world around us, my art is a multi-layered study of color, pattern, light and texture! Above all, foremost in my thoughts while creating is a sense of spontaneity, imagination and pure joy. As always, I dedicate my work to "the tribe":  The Birthday Girls, The Twisted TuTu Sisterhood and my mother, Jody and grandmothers, Francis, Dorothy, and Madeline.... xoxo

My work can be seen and purchased at:

"Artisans - A Texas Gallery" 

234 W. Main Street  Fredericksburg, TX